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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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o'reilly factor is on. >> there is growing concern among gop leaders that far right conservatives have hijacked the message. >> is that true? that people like katie couric is hurting the republican party? >> and nbc has a bias. >> campbell brown continues hammering the white house over hypocrisy regarding fox news. >> a shot was fired at my house, where i levy. >> and cnn commentator lou dobbs says he is in danger because of his opinions. >> they fired a shot at my house while high wife was standing next to a car. >> bill: factor begins right now.
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. sarah palin entering the national arena. a new poll says 71% of americans do not believe sarah palin. do not believe sarah palin is qualified to be president. just 29% say she is qualified. even among republicans, 47% say the governor shouldn't be president. >> there is growing concern among gop leaders that controversial comment timers and far right conservatives have hijacked the message. rush limbaugh have appealed but in an age where 347% call themselves independent you can't
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just run with the case. >> there is no question that sarah palin a star. to promote the book she is beginning on oprah, another high profile programs and it is here where the governor has a huge opportunity. if sarah palin comes across as a problem solver, a sincere conservative, she can begin to turn the credibility issue around. there is no question she did a good job in running the state of alaska. she lowered taxes, challenged the good ole boy network and ran the state responsibly. she does have political skills. the problem is she didn't come across well on couric's prayed and with charles gibson. she looked tentative. so now she has a second chance. now, i'm hoping governor palin comes on the factor will put her into a position to speak to you. but she must put forth her plan
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in vivid terms and comes up with sluihz. i hope she does. this country needs new voices. she is a working mother, someone that has tremendous potential. this isn't a party play. i couldn't care less about the gop. we're no in ideological business on the factor but america needs more leadership. sarah palin has captured america's attention. it will be interesting if she can turn around the credibility factor. that is the memo. top story. reaction from none other than glenn beck, the author, another book. another one -- a picture book. it will be our fourth, this could be our fourth number one best-seller of the year. >> in three weeks. you and gingrich, every three weeks. >> we're machines.
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>> you don't sleep, you just type. i have a something for you. i'm watching your program more and more now. you lay out on your blackboard very interesting things. you may some comparisons between founding fathers -- but at the end of all of that which is interesting, i say who does beck think can turn the country around. what say you? >> i wish i had an answer for that, bill. i haven't seen them yet. i keep looking for a george washington to appear. he was the guy that didn't want to serve. we got to the constitutional convention, he said i just want to be a farmer, i want to go back to mount vernon. i'm hoping we can find somebody. >> bill: we have hundred
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senators and 500 people, all of them? >> not all of them but here is the problem, the system, two-party system, i go back to george washington, he said it would be about money and kruchgs where are the senators and representatives that are standing firm and not against the other parties but the corruption? this system has to change from the inside which is why we started the re-founders project. nine people that are congress on both sides of the aisle that are willing to stand not against the other party but their own party and say, they blow the whistle. they call you up on the phone, this is going on beck, go get them. >> bill: let's take sarah palin. she comes out of the box at the republican convention, gives one of the best speeches i've ever seen, you agree? >> yes. >> bill: she captures the
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imagination of women, we don't even know her, but she comes across a real person, she is attractive. she seems to be able to run the state of alaska pretty well which is true. then she gets into the big time and mccain puts her on the ticket and she doesn't do well. i've been in the radio business for 30 some years, but i have never been -- i've never gone through the buzz. it's a different world. you've been through it. there something that can prepare you for that. i think what happened is pal pal got up into this media and coming from alaska, folks or folks. no they are not. and when her own party started throwing her under the bus, she walked into a buzz saw. i say that because knowing soon
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we'll find out if that is true or not. now she has had time to learn from experience what really goes on in washington and meet yeah and she has had time to prepare. if she now comes out and wishy-washy and doesn't understands, it's clear. >> bill: so the book tour is coming up, this puts her back as a contender? >> i will have to tell you, she is extraordinarily bright. her leaving alaska everybody said was a smart move. i think she is positioning herself for a third party. by the time this election runs around for the president, i'm sorry, but unless the republicans and the democrats wake up, a third party will win. >> bill: you think a third party can organize for 2012? >> what everybody misunderstands there doesn't need to be a lot
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of organization. >> bill: there has to be a lot of money? >> i will tell you that. that is the quest. can you have enough money. but i think people will put their last dime up if they think they will clean up the mess in their own party or clean up the mess. >> bill: if obama fails then it's going to be open season. obama will get the nomination, but hillary may challenge him on the democratic side. if things don't get better, if things are like this -- although the economic thing today was good. >> the economic thing was not good. you know why? because of cash for clunkers, that is what tipped it the other way. >> bill: with whatever it did, i agree with you. what do you think of mitt romney i know a little bit. he did a very good job in massachusetts, a democratic
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state, a republican. he did a good job in saving the olympics out in salt lake city. he looks to be a guy who knows what economics are. i don't think he is going to run up a trillion dollar deficit and he is a very articulate but his mormonism hurt him. you think that romney is a guy that would capture your support? >> he had it kind of only because my main issue was the economy. he may be the only guy that could help. however, i don't think -- romney is a great ceo. he'll broker deals and get it done. he'll never say anything that will throw it out of whack. however, what we need is not a guy who is going to make deals. we need a guy who is going to reformer. i'm not sure that romney is that
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guy. i have respect for him. what he did in salt lake city was amazing. he is a smart dude. >> bill: glenn beck, buy his book. you're number one, i'm number three. >> bill and i have something to announce next week. >> we're not getting engaged. >> in congress, we'll have a report upcoming. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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>> bill: in the follow-up segment rush limbaugh controversy has now reached congress, if you can believe it. house judiciary is holding hearings on head injuries in the national football league but steve king from iowa grilled roger over rush limbaugh. >> i don't think anything he said was offensive but with fergie and j-lo alleged that c.i.a. are terrorists, promoted sexual abuse women. verbal pornography and they dolphins, are you prepared to level the same charges or apologize to rush limbaugh today. >> my comments were directed about specific comments he made
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about mcnabb. i made the point and i will make it here again today. the n.f.l. is bringing people together, it's about unit. >> you said the comments rush limbaugh, the comments he made about donovan i disagree? >> he is an outstanding quarterback and has nothing to do with his skin. >> we believe was punished. i disagree with it but so what. provocative opinions are allowed in america. i don't believe the comparison between jennifer and lopez and fergie are valid in mr. limbaugh's case. this is about the n.f.l. being frightened because a black player don't like limbaugh, mr. mcnabb being one of them. so is he correct about being
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divisive but the league made the wrong decision. this is america and no one should be punished for speak. limbaugh should not have been denied economic opportunity. on another front, our competitor campbell brown makes very valid points about the white house-fox news situation. as we report. she interviewed top advisor valerie jarret and did not go well for her. >> do you think fox news is biased? >> well, of course. >> do you think msnbc is biased? >> this is the thing, i don't want to generalize everything. i think what we want to do is looking at it on a case by case basis. if we see a pattern of distortion, we're going honest. you only see that at fox news. i think what the administration said very clearly we're going to
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seek the truth. >> she continued her analysis saying this. >> so i am stating what i think is the obvious here. jarret doesn't admit that nbc has a bias and they lose all credibility on this issue. they lean to the right with opinionated hosts and msnbc leans left. i don't think they would disagree with that. fox news and msnbc and fox news are doing quite well by doing partisan opinion. >> bill: white house doesn't have an answer to the analysis. so the obama administration comes off an exceedingly partisan and unfair, not where any administration wants to be. we hope to this thing is dying down. directly ahead, president obama says he is teed off because he has no privacy. more after these messages. 
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>> bill: warrior segment. two hot topics, president obama getting irritated with all the criticism of his personal life. they say he should give up golf.
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president bush stopped playing golf. and he was tee'd off, pardon the pun that he caused a ruckus by taking his wife to a broadway show. it's still an issue for the president. in an interview with new york times magazine, he said, if i were not president i would be happy to cast a there would be no fuss or no muss and it would please me greatly. but the notion i couldn't take my wife on a date without being a political issue isn't something i would be happy with it. >> now, laura is coming up and believes that the president is whining. do you? >> come on, in any marriage you need to have date night. you need to work on the marriage. in this particular situation, he
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may be should have chosen a less extravagant. >> but she wanted, you don't care what she wanted? >> less extravagance during a time of war and during a time of economic crisis and everything that was going on. >> i have to stop you. you don't care what michelle obama thinks? put yourself in barack obama's shoes? >> she should have em think. >> she clearly wanted to go to a broadway show and president, i don't care what you want. you should be less extravagant -- not going to happen. >> as a married couple because of the situation and the press we're going to get from this, maybe we should choose a different date. >> do we have wizard of oz music? >> complaining something he is doing as president of united states becomes a political issue it's like really?
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welcome to heavy burden and responsibility of the presidency of the united states. yeah, what you do is going to become a political issue. you can't be burdened by that. >> i agree with you that he is in that, he is like that. when he doesn't like something. but i with sympathize with obama here, i absolutely do. he has to live his life. to give up golf because we have an afghan conflict? i want the president to have some relaxation, his mind to be clear. i want him to go out on a date with his wife. if his wife wants to see a broadway show, more happiness to him. i think it's ridiculous and petty. the american public should live them as man and wife and leave them alone. okay, carlson, hoover? >> what did i say marriage is
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separate. marriage is a work in progress. >> bill: i hate that word, work in progress. >> that is a big issue. >> it is a work in progress. >>. >> glenn: now we have a serious story for the warriors tonight. in connecticut, west of hartford, there is a father that wants to honor his son, james guidel who was killed on 9/11. the father wants to put what on the memorial? >> murdered by muslim terrorists >> bill: on the town, murdered by muslim terrorists because that is what he wants. that is what james was murdered by muslim terrorists. the town says.... >> the town is in there and
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there is a family that is muslim and they don't want to offend muslim families. my suggestion is that the single muslim families is not radicalized and they are not jihidor anything else. >> bill: but the town doesn't want to do it. >> right if we look at other 9/11 memorials memorials. it's just like oklahoma city, timothy mcveigh it doesn't say, murdered by a domestic terrorist. it's more important to honor them. put the plaque up. >> bill: i'm the father of a 23-year-old son who was killed on 9/11. and there is a memorial marking the occasion. why not say what happened for future generations because that memorial will be up forever.
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why not tell them what happened. if i'm a muslim family, an american muslim family and i'm law abiding and loyal american, that doesn't bother me. i am an irish guy. if somebody said ira killed a lot of innocent people, i don't have a beef, they did. go. >> we need more muslims to speak out about it. but for the sake of the father, i think she absolutely right in reminding people. this there are is 9/11 amnesia, that it happened because radical extremists wanted to kill our way of life. he is trying to remind people. >> bill: he wants to tell the truth on his son's memorial, i am behind it. and you, of all people you don't like political correctness. that is exactly what this is. >> you have to be on the other
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side. it's important important to get the memorial up. >> bill: let's get the memorial up. we'll march up there and tell them to put it up. >> you think at the site world trade centers, murdered by muslim terrorists. >> bill: would i have a beef? no. >> but it's more important to get the plaque up so we can remember the child. >> bill: i'm saying to you, the town should give in and stop the political correct madness. if we have to charter a bus and go up there, we may have to do that. >> i'll be first on board. >> bill: its beautiful town, it's in western connecticut, it's a beautiful, with the foliage and all that. this is another example of political correctness. i'm sensitive to muslim families i don't want people to bother those people. but what happened, happened.
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>> thanks very much. if you are watching the show, i disagree with that. michelle obama, i don't care what she thinks. let everybody know that. as the factor moves along, most americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country and laura ingle on the date night for the president, hear what she has to say. and a controversial video involving obama care. stay tuned.
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>> bill: personal stories, halloween is on saturday and i hope all of you have a safe time. there are many words associated with the eve and the author of the big book, hot for words. there is maureen with the glasses to run down a few halloween words for us. >> hi for maureen, i requested, because i have halloween words and we'll begin with halloween? >> halloween is short for all hallow even or the eve of all things. so even and also where evening comes from. there was a celtic festival when people celebrated the end of the winter and start of the summer. like life ends and death starts. so they would dress up like governments. so they started wanted the
3:31 pm
catholic church to have some fun so they changed it to november the 1st. >> bill: let's go to trick or treat? >> trick and some kind of treat and some kind of candy, right? so a long time ago on halloween was brought to america in 1930s, they would dress up in costumes. they would threaten homeowners, thieves or candy. >> bill:ite burn your house down. >> or throw the toilet paper around the house. >> bill: i like that. it was like okay, you want your car tomorrow?
3:32 pm
jack-o-lantern? >> jack-o-lantern, it comes from the irish. it was the old irish tales about jack, he was very mean guy. not ui, you are irish, but one day he decided and he couldn't climb back down. so he said, i'll let you down if you don't take my soul when i die. so when jack dies heaven did not take him. so he started heaven and hell, he was walking around. >> bill: not a pumpkin but a turnip. >> turnips is very popular in ireland. >> bill: okay let's go to
3:33 pm
nightmare. i have them almost every day. >> are you serious? >> bill: every time i do the factor. >> it comes from old english and incubus, that is the devil. that will suffocate you when you sleep. so basically when you have nightmare you wake up and you are out of breath because the monster is trying to get you. >> bill: taken, werewolf >> where her comes from means that and it used to be a woman
3:34 pm
in anglo-saxon times. >> bill: it's a little confused. >> i think werewolf still exists. >> bill: great line in young frankenstein when they say to marty feldman, he says, werewolf. >> what? where wolfs? >> why aren't you talking that way? >> and coming back, she doesn't like the video contest on the president's website. miss laura is next. oh@÷ó÷bi÷í÷v
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. miss laura is listening with interest to the cultural warrior segment where he came off a bit. miss ingraham joins us from washington. so are you calling him a whiner over this? >> first of all, i think it's great. they have a terrific marriage and they like to have a lot of fun together. we love that. there are a lot of people and i'm one of them think the obamas to some extent use different things, whether it's vegetable
3:38 pm
garden, her clothes, the cover of woman's fitness. now, the tour de force article in "new york times" magazine called the obamas' marriage, they know how to use it for a pr advantage. dloivg a campaign promise to take her to broadway show. how about your promise to deliver jobs. that is how i look at it. >> bill: look i am sympathetic with the president. i was sympathetic with george w. bush, whoever is in the oval office. you know that because you used to clerk for a supreme court justice. you know how intense they work. they've got to be able to have some vehicle to re-create. if she wants to go to show, i don't think that is anybody's
3:39 pm
business. >> but what you are missing. that it was a promise. we're in an economic slow down at the very least and they were calling it on the verge of depression. they lock down new york city which cost an enormous amount of money and causes working people an enormous amount of grief. he gofs every weekend, she is out and about in washington. i'm always getting stopped by motor candidates in washington, d.c. i don't think they have a standing to say we don't get out enough. >> there is a pettiness that comes in in partisan politics that i don't like. here is the bigger issue. >> let's talk about michelle for just a moment. >> bill: let me stick to barack, but we have a good segment with you tonight. the thing that disturbs me he
3:40 pm
never lets it go. this happened a long time ago. he is right, but let it go. let it go. >> they don't let it go with fox news. they want everyone to love them 24/7. if you go outside the family, then frankly they are going to treat like frido and the godfather. >> bill: so you are going to get a bullet in the back of the head in lake tahoe? i will save you. >> okay, you are nicer than they are. >> bill: i'm worried about you. you saw what happened when the goon tried to get me in new hampshire. >> they did knock you around a little bit. >> on the issue of the "new york times" article, the date night, what we are missing is that michelle is being propelled
3:41 pm
through this incredibly sophisticated pr push which i have been talking about. she is being propelled because she is popular. they are using her celebrity, her beauty, her glamour to push ideas. in this particular we find out she is not a co-president, she is uncomfortable with that. she actually has a very serious role in the supreme court picking that will be going on in this administration. so she had hands on role in that. she has a hands on role in health care and taking the post of main street for president obama. they refer to her as his interpret terrify. >> bill: it's not surprising. she is a very strong personality and just like hillary clinton. >> sounds like the co-president to me. same thing with bill clinton now, i want to play to folks a
3:42 pm
montage of a contest on obama care. this appears on the barack obama website, a campaign website sponsored by the dnc. roll the tape. a year from now i'll break high leg and my parents will have to sell my house because we couldn't afford heath care. >> my parents will go bankrupt because we don't the health care. ♪ ♪
3:43 pm
>> bill: so the government will take over the health care industry. i didn't have any problem with that except for the kids, i don't like them being used as political propaganda. the flag thing. look. you're right it does desecrate the flag. >> this is the american flag. is there nothing we can respect now. it's so cliche to walk all over the flag. this doesn't surprise me one about it. if they are not complaining about people wearing flag pins, they are trashing the flag as they claim others use it when they are actually protecting it. i find to it be typical left stuff but the children i would agree with you. little kids saying i'm going to get leukemia. i know everyone uses kids, but i think if republicans used
3:44 pm
children, my grandmother is going to get pushed down the hospice chute, they would be screaming on the left. >> bill: exploiting children for political purposes when you feed them lines, i'm going to get leukemia and die. the parents are nuts. left wing crazy. >> that is the thing it does show up on the president's website. barack, i think. >> it's a contest and people say what does it matter, it's the symbolism that matters. that is a very dark view on heath care reform. america is horrible place where people don't help each other. america is a dark mean ugly side. >> bill: as always, reality check, starring dead celebrities and jay leno exploiting the fox
3:45 pm
news white house controversy. right back with a check.
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3:47 pm
zbloobl. >> bill: reality check, truth sets us free. good news and bad news, economy grew 3.35%. that cheered the white house. administration saying the
3:48 pm
stimulus package is the reason why. on the down side, "wall street journal" says 52% of americans now believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, just 36% like what is happening. the direction question was tied at 43% so erosion is occurring. check two, in the same poll, afghan question came up. 58% of americans support the president, his decision to take his time in deciding troop levels in afghanistan. 37% believe he should have made the decision already. on the question of sending troops over there, 47% say yes, 43% opposed and 10% not sure. check three, recently i interviewed atheist and it was a lively exchange but he didn't much like it. >> well, if the debate between two people, but if they are
3:49 pm
conducted between an intelligent person on one hand and bill o'reilly on the other, they probably are not, no. more intelligent people like o'reilly, i might be great for ratings but there should be less interested in ratings. >> bill: are you kidding me, it's like saying there is no good. they are running this tv, direct tv. >> richard, don't do it. that guy there. it was tons of fun when i could be watching direct tv. you know, i'm stuck with cable or that.
3:50 pm
>> what's happening. >> it never gets old. >> bill: and late chris farley, they are exploiting the deceased comedian congressman. you make that call on that. >> here on the white house deal. >> on the obama administration said the fox news organization is not a respectable news organization. there is a lot of fighting going between them. it's clear the president does not like them especially when they report from the white house -- take a look at what happened to a fox reporter over the week. >> good morning. >> good morning. hopefully they'll finish. >> caroline didn't blink an eye. you know, i can feel it.
3:51 pm
check six, she has a program where she talks to people like gore vidal and she is up with barack obama. >> in a certain way, after bush, i don't know if the country could take the shock of such a smart guy. >> a duly elected president has one intelligent, well educated man. they never heard anyone like that. you got that, i'm a war time president. i couldn't jump in the scream to kill him off. one murder that i missed not committing. >> it's too late anyway. >> bill: can you imagine saying they would like to kill president obama but it's okay for vidal to say that about mr. bush. and they say yes, it's too late
3:52 pm
for that. check seven, ladies and gentlemen --. ♪ ♪ >> bill: the it really a guy named remy a professional prankster. he almost got his jaw broken in one guy. and tonight starring lou dobbs, wait until you hear this. ho on nce ias. ayets ryor. itldst m nner lyeron m s raleso hiowti
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llmemaur thy ets ro ig ass. (anc thntme
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>> bill: time for pinheads and patriots. thank for the studio in new york for giving this lovely pumpkin. halloween is on saturday night. the owner of the studio made this, all the people there are patriots. and lou dobbs is having a tough time with security. >> three weeks ago, a shot was fired at my house where i live. this shot was fired.
3:56 pm
i live with with my wife not 15 feet away. i get threatening phone calls. i vow it's a way of life. the anger, the hate the vitriol but it's taken a different tone when they have threatened my wife. they've now fired a shot at my house standing next to the car. >> bill: this is a serious matter. it's devastating to the families involved. these are pinheads who will hurt people with whom they disagree. it's disgrace al frl and illegal and ought to stop. finally tonight, couple notes tomorrow. i will appear on the view's halloween edition, they want the scariest around. it's the view tomorrow for me. and christmas store opens on monday, you can get a jump right now, check out a great promotion
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get a tote bag when you buy a copy of the book. now, the letters, is there something on the water on capitol hill? in light of alan grayson's remarks, congress should act like adults. from lincoln, nebraska. i went to grayson and requested that he meet with anybody on fox news. from florida, i appreciate the support for grayson but grayson is a coward. >> ralph nader is wrong about afghanistan. the country is rebuilding and only american forces can protect the campaign. charles from alaska, afghan war is unwinnable. nader is right on. and dennis miller had his own show, his ratings would be
3:58 pm
higher than yours. he summed it up correctly he doesn't want to put troops in harm's way if unnecessary but by failing to send troops to afghanistan he is putting the forces already there in harm's way. >> i like the segment with miller. they know plenty about global warming don't be a mooncalf. thank you for the heroic efforts in covering the white house. never has one president promised so much. >> i'm an american citizen and how lucky how i am able to watch the factor down here. i did speech on your book. i have been watching the factor since i was ten. i hope you got a good great. paula bennett, now i understand
3:59 pm
your pompocity, you earned it and now buying all your other books, hang on sloopy, one of the dumbest songs ever. i spotlight right there. hang on sloopy, did you ever hear of a person named sloapy? >> and e-mail us any time, any time if you wish to opine. here is word of the day, please do not be a, word of the day -- word of the day, poltrune, a little slow on the word. it is worth waiting for. do not be pol troon. we'll checks out bill o'reilly


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